About me








My name is Fen. I am a film buff who is a big fan of Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Wong Kar Wai, just to name a few. I have studied film-making, cinematography, and I am also a writer and poet with published work. 

I made my first wedding video in 2005 with a camcorder and have since filmed weddings, concerts, cultural events, sweet 16, instruction videos. I have also participated in the making of short student films.

For me, there's extreme satisfaction through the vision of a camera, and it keeps me passionate and dedicated with every project I am trusted to produce. I am living my dream to be in a circle of artists, where we inspire each others and make art. In this field of art and film, possibilities are infinite and I'm always looking to grow, break boundaries, write more, and make more films.

These days I film with 35mm full frame DSLR cameras with cinematic quality, and I edit with Final Cut Pro X.

My style is modern, artistic and cinematic; my appearance is efficient, professional and unobtrusive.