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For me, the joy of being a videographer is having the ability to capture sensations with the eye of a camera. The camera's movement is extension of how the operator feels - it gets curious, intense; it explores from blurry state to focused as the thoughts probe; it relaxes; it fully enjoys its unique eyesight. 

Camera movements also need to be bound to the framing standards of cinematography, which makes the main difference between amateur and professional video, and is also what I learned to have grown out of an amateur.

I studied film making and have participated in the makings of student films in professional studio. I learned from writing of screenplay to getting the film crew together, creating shot list, directing the actors, lighting, focus, picking the right lenses, recording audio, to post production work. The vast amount of self studying and experiences of video projects during the past a few years gained me solid understanding of important concepts  in this field, such as depth of field and lenses, how to create beautiful bokeh with various lighting conditions, etc.

My approach of event video is capture the beauty of everything I could discover during that special day, present it honestly, like a documentary film. If it's rainy, I'll catch a glimpse of the cloud and raindrops wrinkling the puddle; if it's sunny, I will find the angle of the sunray shining on people's face. From my experience, the best scenes during the event video were often the ones captured when people didn't even realize I was filming; I got the most natural expressions and they would become the most valuable memory for people to watch on many years later.

Now you have known a little about me, if you are still interested, please go to my pricing page and sample page to find out more. Thank you!